Why SsS


Solar Selling Solutions is a premier marketing and sales agency perfectly designed to help Solar Contractors grow their business and market share.  With the perfect combination of Industry, knowledge and experience combined with marketing excellence will give you the competitive advantage you are looking for.

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Our experience in solar helps us help you.  We know and understand the buying selling cycle of a Solar Prospect.  We know the multiple personas of who is looking for solar and what their hot buttons are.  We understand the important variables that often lead to your prospect waiting on the sidelines instead of buying.  We also know how to help you help them to get over the hump.  Often times marketing programs are one size fits all.  Which to put it as plain as day does not work for most businesses and definitely does not work for the solar Industry.  The one size fits all strategies are ok for some emergency service businesses like 24-hour ac repair.  This strategy is simple, get someone onto your website and they will call you because they need what you do RIGHT NOW!  For obvious reasons, this does not work for interested Solar leads.  Did you know over 95% of all website traffic leaves your site without making any contact?  The one size fits all approach fails terribly and that is what most Internet Marketing Companies do.

Custom Solutions

custom-solutionsThis is why Solar Selling Solutions offers Custom Solutions.  We build our programs after we have had intensive consultations and learn the full scope of your business and the direction you are looking to take your business.  We then apply our solar experience and design a program that is designed to accomplish goals that we set from the beginning.  There are not many digital agencies that will offer custom solutions and we have a few huge advantages over those agencies as well.  The obvious one is our solar experience and understanding the buys and the industry that results in a much more highly effective program.

Client Engagement

mail-570Client Engagement is the missing link to marketing success and our biggest competitive advantage.  Over 99% of Marketing companies do not do this and it is the single most important variable in the success or failure of a marketing campaign.  Especially in an industry like solar where information is such a critical factor in a buyer's decision to go solar.  Remember 95% of people will leave a website without any contact.  With client engagement, we are able to cut that down significantly and gain contact with many more prospects.  In addition to that, client engagement will position your business as the local solar expert in the industry.  It will raise your credibility and most importantly raise your sales.

Trackable Results

market-share-report-a-pie-chart-570Tracking your results with client engagement is fun.  Most agencies just give you simple traffic data that you really can’t utilize it to improve your marketing.  We utilize a CRM (customer relationship management) database to collect prospect information in addition to traffic data as well as other metrics.  With a CRM you are able to see how many customers you received from your marketing efforts.

As you can see we offer an extremely comprehensive marketing approach specifically designed with the solar contractor in mind.  For the first time, you will be able to achieve marketing success without all of the guess work.