Case Study – How Quality Content Improves Bounce Rate

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Case Study – How Quality Content Improves Bounce Rate

One of the biggest issues local solar companies have is how to keep prospects on your website.  First lets look at why we would want to keep clients on your website.  Its Simple the longer someone spends on you website the higher the probability they are interested in your product and service.  Typically an average website bounce rate for a local website is 60-70%.  That is a website that is performing well.  Anything over 70% and your website is not answering the questions that your customers have.  Anything under 60% says your website is relevent for the querries that are generating the results.

Emerald Sun Energy is a Solar Energy Compnay Orlando.  There service area covers all of Florida.  They were having bounce rate problems:Feb analytics Emerald Sun

As you can see their average session was a putrid 32 seconds and their bounce rate was just about 80% . This means their website was having trouble communicating with their client base and wasn't answering the key questions that their potential clients had.  This can spell doom for and Solar Business.  

After we did a marketing review for Emerald Sun Energy we implemented a variety of changes including a website redesign with a focus on improved design features with strategic messaging and calls to action to engage the traffic on the webiste.  The next major implementation was to reccommend that Emerald Sun Energy produce much higher quality content that prospective customers would want to learn about.  We went up and above the call of duty in creating a complrehensive Solar Buyer's Guide called "The Secret Guide to Buying Solar".  The Resposnes has been outstanding.  This Solar Buying Guide was shared almost 200 times in the first month.  Even more importantly is the impact that it has had on their average session and bounce rate:

Audience Overview Analytics - may-june

What a dramatic improvemet this has bee.  Their Average Session has gone from 30 sec to a wopping 3:36 adn a Bounce rate under 10%.  That basicly means we created a roach motel for interested solar customers.  They come in but do not leave.  Within a week they have received 22 opt-ins for additional info and potential leads.

These numbers are increadable but they are also a result of targeted marketing of driving traffic to the website who are highly interested in their content.  We Began this project in March and are already very happy with the results.  However they are not yet ranking consistly on Google.  We have made great strides and believe thes most reccent analytics will put us over the top and onto the first page of many of are targeted keywrods.  I do look forward to seeing what the effect of the additional traffic will have on average session and Bounce rate.  I do anticipate a shift but still increadable results as this website is perfectly built for solar customer concerns.

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