About Us

About Us

Anthony Fiorino

Founder & CEO

linked-in-15Let me introduce myself.  My name is Anthony Fiorino and I am the Founder and CEO of Solar Selling Solutions.  I am a Solar Marketing & Sales Specialist.  My professional experience in Internet Marketing and the Solar Industry makes me uniquely qualified to help Solar Companies market and grow their business.

I have developed and sold internet marketing agencies.  I have written sales training programs for the internet marketing industry as well as for the solar industry.  I have coached sales teams and business owners on achieving business success.  I have been the vice president of sales and marketing for a solar company as well as owned my own solar consulting firm.

With over 20 years of combined experience in the marketing and solar industry, I am able to offer a very specific and successful perspective on marketing and sales as it relates to the Solar Industry.

My approach is multi-faceted and designed to help your business achieve its ultimate goals of growth and success.  I will offer customized solutions that are specific to your businesses unique needs.  Because of my dual experience, we will be able to have dialogues that will help you uncover areas within your business that are key factors for your success that you may not even be thinking about.  I know and understand many of the challenges that you are experiencing in your business because I have experienced them as well.  It is my ultimate goal to help small, midsized, and large solar organizations reach potential market share and help the solar industry become the dominant energy source in our country.